Audio: Will Drake Be Overseeing The Next Aaliyah Project???

Posthumous albums aren’t uncommon, especially in the realm of hip-hop. Artist record an extensive amount of music – almost as if they are planning for something to happen. It’s that music, along with greatest hits, that go on to reach their fans. They are usually received with mix reviews, especially since the artist has no say in the way the songs are tweaked, placed, and promoted. That’s why it’s best to put people close to the said artist upon the project so the audience feels it’s done justly.

Aaliyah hasn’t walked among us for almost 11-years and her impact on people and the music industry is still very clear. Her last project, “I Care 4 U”, dropped in 2002 and is the one and only posthumous album from the songstress. Well, recently rumors have spread that a new one is in the works, and the biggest shocker is that the album could be executive produced by Young Money’s Drake. This news has been the topic of many discussions. Many feel that Drake’s infatuation with the angelic singer isn’t a good enough reason to give him such a major part in her currently untitled project. Even long-term collaborator Timberland feels as if he and Missy Elliot, two people who played huge roles in Aaliyah’s career, should be accomplices in the creation of the album. Aaliyah’s brother Rashad Haughton as also weighed in, stating, there isn’t an “official album being released and supported by the Haughton family.”

But this doesn’t seen to be deterring Drake.

Today, the “Take Care” rapper released what is rumored to be the first single from Aaliyah’s forthcoming project entitled “Enough Said”. The song begins as Drake professes, “yall ain’t ready for this” and the resurrection of a voice unheard for years blows through the speaker. I’ve yet to immerse myself in Aaliyah’s discography, but this track is far from bad. It’s rather good, especially since 40 and Drake’s signature R&B-esque sound fits the vocals perfectly. In fact, I rather have Drake behind this project than someone executives who are only trying to garner revenue off the strength of her name. With Drake, we know it’s purely his love that drives his decisions, he wants to make the album that will not only be widely accepted by fans, but honor and pays homage to someone who inspires him. I’ll admit I’m not familiar with the roles that fall under “executive producer” but I suggest you listen to “Enough Said” (down-below) and then judge if you think Aaliyah’s unreleased music is in good hands.

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