For some reason, Will.I.Am becomes first artist to debut song on another planet

Yesterday (the 29th og August) at 9PM BST (That’s space-time), the creatively titled “Reach For the Stars” by Will.I.Am was broadcast from the Mars Curiosity Rover, making Will.I.Am the first artist ever to debut a song from another planet. Well, as the song itself says, “I know Mars might be far, but baby it ain’t really that far”. Words to live by! Hear the song below.

All jokes aside, I actually really dig this track, and the song sounds triumphant and playful enough to make sense being played on the red satellite. There are even a couple of “Bringer of War” cues at the beginning there! On the use of the orchestra, Will.I.Am had to say “A lot of times … people in my field aren’t supposed to try to execute something classical, or orchestral, so I wanted to break that stigma.”



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