Iron Maiden to Reissue First Eight Albums on Picture Disc Vinyl

There was a time when the coolness of albums was measured by how much they were able repulse your mother in the record store. The time was the 80s, and the masters of mainstream mother-repulsion were Iron Maiden, who, with their mascot Eddie the Head, created some of the most instantly recognisable album art in the history of metal. They made a little bit of music as well, I guess.

Little justification is needed, then, for why the band have decided to re-release their first eight albums in vinyl form – from 1980′s Iron Maiden to 88′s Seventh Son of a Seventh Son. At this point, I’d normally begin cynically listing all the ways the band are cashing in on the resurgence of vinyl in recent years, but just look at these things, they’re beautiful…

I'm sorry British cynicism, but you come second to my love of zombies fighting Satan.

The releases will come two albums at a time, Iron Maiden and Killers on the 15th of October, followed by Number of the Beast and  Piece of Mind in November. Those waiting to shriek along to the likes of ‘Aces High’ (i.e. me) will have to wait a couple of months, as Powerslave and Life After Death won’t come until the new year, succeeded by Somewhere in Time and Seventh Son of a Seventh Son in February.

The albums themselves will be cut from the original tapes, encased in foldable sleeves to protect them from my salivating. Meanwhile, the band are busy finishing off the final, US leg of their Maiden England tour. What comes next is yet to be seen, but hopefully the classic metalheads will be distracted enough by the burning holes in their wallets.

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