Kate Bush Features At Olympic Closing Ceremony (Sort Of)

In what was a definite mixed bag of musical – ahem – talent, it can be said (in terms of generated sales) that Kate Bush’s featured remix of her 1985 top 3 hit, ‘Running Up That Hill (A Deal With God), was the highlight of the 30th Olympiad’s closing ceremony.

Despite not actually making a live appearance, Bush has seen a surge in the sales of her records. ‘Running Up That Hill’ is riding high in the top ten of the U.K. iTunes charts and looks set to break into the upper echelons of the Official U.K. Chart.

Some of you may have read my earlier ‘Great British Icon’ article, which laments the lack of Bush’s music in the London 2012 opening ceremony – the call to have her attend and perform the closing ceremony was something which readers (and non-readers) took to their hearts. Even broadsheet newspapers had tipped the legendary chanteuse to perform. Unfortunately, this was not to be and left a fair number of the 26 million U.K. viewership slightly disappointed.

Bush has since taken to her official website and lauded the ceremony:

“I hope you all enjoyed the remix of Running Up That Hill this evening at the Olympics Closing Ceremony. They certainly put on a brilliant show.”

While “brilliant” is not an apt word for a highly distorted view of British music in the past 60 years (to be honest, the Jubilee concert was a more accurate representation), there were some legacy-affirming highlights – such as The Who’s apocalyptic rendition of ‘My Generation’ and Boris Johnson managing to not set the Olympic flag on fire. Five middle-aged mothers standing on taxis, however, did not float my boat.

Watch the video for the original version of ‘Running Up That Hill’ below:


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