Listen: Bob Dylan – ‘Early Roman Kings’

Perhaps not the first place you’d expect to find the music of a folk legend, the latest trailer for military-action-drama Strike Back featured some as-of-yet unheard music from Bob Dylan‘s latest album, Tempest. Unfortunately, the noisy trailer makes much of the song difficult to distinguish, so perhaps we can give it a second listen when it’s not so obscured by the “BOOM! BLAM! KABLOWY!” of Strike Back‘s tender musing.

From what we can tell, the song is a standard, “buh-da-duh-duh” bluesy fare, plucked straight from the fingers and throat of Muddy Waters. Perhaps this is a tactical choice, so as not to give away too much of the new album, or perhaps I’m simply too distracted by the news that the album will also include a 13-minute ode to the Titanic disaster – complete with reference to Leonardo DiCaprio.

Either Dylan’s mind is still working on a level above regular humanity, or his 71 years are finally getting to him.


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