Nicki Minaj cancels concert: Is ‘American Idol’ in the wings?

Speculation on who will fill the seat vacated by Aerosmith frontman Steven Tyler on the next season of American Idol has reached a fever pitch. Mariah Carey recently signed a one year deal, taking over for fellow pop diva Jennifer Lopez. With auditions on the horizon, Fox executives are scrambling to find Tyler’s replacement.

Nick Jonas of the Jonas Brothers threw his hat in the ring, announcing on Twitter that he was in consideration for the spot. Now reports are saying that Fox is eyeing a four person panel that would include Carey, Minaj, a country star and a Latin heart-throb.

Indeed, Minaj appears to be the top choice for the gig. The rapper recently had to cancel a gig for strained vocal chords. Minaj previously tweeted that she had to start her fall tour later than usual, noting that her fans “will be very happy” when they find out why.

However, Idol’s partnership with Coke might thwart their plans to secure a contract with Minaj, who is the current face of Pepsi.

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