Owl City Planning to Release ‘Screamo-rock’ Album

Fear not, bemused readers, that wasn’t a typo, this is real, though it of course comes to you with the precondition of ‘what the f***”. Electro-acoustic act Owl City, real name Adam Young, has described his wishes to record a ‘screamo-rock’ album, though he seems to be worried about whether or not his fans’d understand it.

The Fireflies singer said that he could possibly venture down a different path after the release of his upcoming fourth album, ‘The Midsummer Station, which is set for release this fall. Speaking to BBC’s Newsbeat, the singer-songwriter said

“Growing up I was really into the whole underground, obscure, artsy, heavy, screamo, chaotic, angry, angst music. I love it. That was my thing – that’s what I identified with. I grew up wanting to do nothing else except for that. I haven’t had a chance to do it, and do it right.”

Young, perhaps understandably, also spoke of his worries about losing some of his fanbase, stating a heavier album “might go over the heads of my fans”, though also stated that he could potentially win over some new ones. Young added:

“I feel like I could do it right. Do it all myself and record it all and make it sound good. It’s tempting. It might go over the heads of my fans but it might open some new doors and that’s what it’s all about. Every now and again I need to put on one of my old records which make me feel that same thing. There’s a place for that.”

What do we all feel an Owl City “screamo-rock” would sound like? Tell us in the comment section.

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