Interpol’s Paul Banks Unveils Second Solo Album

Earlier today, Paul Banks, frontman of New York post-punk band Interpol today disclosed details of his up and coming second studio album, suitably titled Banks.

Of course, Banks released his first solo record under his alter-ego Julian Plenti and though earlier on this year he released new material in the guise of the Julian Plenti Lives… EP under the same alter-ego, Banks is set to be released under the artist’s real name. Recorded with Interpol producer Peter Katis, the opening track and first single, The Base has also been released, which you can listen to at the bottom of the article.

The record itself is set to be released on 23rd October on Matador, and will be the first album since 2009′s Julian Plenti is… Skyscraper. Based on the album artwork (pictured above) for the record and the first track to be debuted, i’d expect Banks overall sound to not be too far removed from the dark post-punk of Interpol, though that of course wouldn’t be to say that’s a terrible thing.

The tracklisting for Banks is as follows:

‘The Base’
‘Over My Shoulder’
‘Arise, Awake’
‘Young Again’
‘I’ll Sue You’
‘Paid For That’
‘Another Chance’
‘No Mistakes’
‘Summertime Is Coming’

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