Taylor Swift Has Special Announcement for Fans August 13th

Nothing about country superstar Taylor Swift is subtle. Instead of ambiguous nods to former lovers in her music, Swift calls out the men by name, leading to a whole slew of publicity and sympathy for the Pennsylvania native.

Yesterday, Miss. Swift posted a 29 second video on her YouTube page in which she teased fans with the news of a special announcement on August 13th. Swift with be holding a live webcast that day starting at 7 PM (4 PM Pacific).


The “cool news” that Swift refers to in the above clip most likely has to due with her music. After all, America’s sweetheart has been hard at work on her fourth album which she describes as “sad.”

Unlike Speak Now, which Swift wrote by herself, the singer will collaborate with other producers and writers.

“I made my last album, Speak Now, with this idea I really wanted to make an album without writing with anyone else just because I always wanted to do that. And now I have a different approach to this record. I’m getting to work with people that I’ve always wanted to work with.”

“I’m trying to be as much of a sponge as possible. You have to evolve and try new things and change and that’s what I’ve loved to do with this album.”

Swift tested new material earlier this year when she contributed two songs, “Eyes Open” and “Safe and Sound”  to The Hunger Games soundtrack. The latter track is collaboration with The Civil Wars and sounds extremely different from the brighter songs that comprise her three albums.


However, Swift’s new relationship with Robert Kennedy Jr’s 18 year old son Conor Kennedy, will likely provide fodder for love songs.

“I think that love is always going to be a huge theme in what I write about just because there are no two similar relationships, there are no two times that you feel love the same way or hurt the same way or [feel] rejection [in] the same way. It’s all different and I’m fascinated by that,” she said. “I really love to go back to human interaction and the way we make each other feel. But that at 22 is different than it was at 18 or 19 when I made my last album and 16 and 17 when I made Fearless. As you grow, you change in the way you process emotion.”


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