Watch: Gregory Pepper And His Problems Release Two New Head-Scratchingly Awesome Videos, Announce US Tour

It all started with a drawing of a mythical mountain and it grew into a concept for a follow-up record. On August 21st Gregory Pepper and His Problems released Escape From Crystal Skull Mountain, a conceptual pop album in the vein of Brian Wilson, and yesterday they announced two new videos from the record and a U.S. tour. The comparison to Wilson stems from the sparkly, saccharine arrangements of the music and the fact that Pepper appears unstable in the face of, or because of, his genius.

Both videos were directed by Robby Massey and tell the two-part story of a man who goes out into the wilderness and later tries to assimilate back into materialistic society. His departure  is captured in the video for “Born To Die,” an appetizer of a song (it’s short) filled with upbeat horns and strangely melodic vocal collaboration. The second half of the story takes place in the video for “At Least I’m Not A Musician,” a full-fledged pop bob-a-long with coffee commercial written all over it that finds Pepper re-emerging into material society, sporting his coonskin cap and bone jewelry as evidence of his journey. This song induces happiness, so let’s enjoy it before Pepper is made an offer he can’t refuse by an ad executive

Ready for a mind-boggling tidbit of information? While the videos are clearly labeled as “Part 1″ and “Part 2″ of the same story, the songs occur on the record in completely different spots. This begs the question; why aren’t they sequentially ordered on the album? Even more confusing is the fact that “Born To Die” (“Part 1″) occurs at the end of the track list. If it were the reverse, we could assume that events pass  in the middle of the record (conceptually) that lead us to “Part 2.”

Chew on that bit of information and let me know if you have any theories.



Escape From Crystal Mountain Tracklist

1. All Are Welcome
2. Overture
3. Persona Non Grata
4. I Don’t Feel Like Playing Air Guitar Tonight
5. Do The “Die Inside”
6. Follow It Home
7. Cardboard Mausoleums
8. Wandering By
9. Note To Self
10. Dearly Departed
11. Another Stitch
12. Breathe In
13. At Least I’m Not A Musician
14. Despair’s Moustache
15. Waaaaaay!
16. Take It
17. Born To Die

Tour Dates

8/29 – Allston, MA – Great Scott
8/30 – Portland, ME – Geno’s Rock Club
8/31 – New Haven, CT – Kasbah Garden Cafe
9/1 – Dover, NH – THE Brick House
9/2 – Brooklyn, NY – Glasslands Gallery
9/4 – New York, NY – Piano’s

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