Watch: Oberhofer Releases Video For “Cruisin’ FDR”

On the heels of last weekend’s Lollapalooza set that Relix called the “breakout, star-making set of the festival,” Oberhofer just premiered their new video for “Cruisin’ FDR.” As a massive fan of this sparkling indie pop group—as well as their prolific and earnest front man Brad Oberhofer (whom I interviewed earlier this year for Words & Fire)—I was very impressed with their ability to take music that seems built for small venues and make it fresh on the big stage. Maybe I’m just drinking the kool-aid here but when a lead singer is crow-hopping around like Pete Townshend, climbing on the speaker stacks, and out in the crowd engaging his fans up close, I make a mark next to their name in a booklet indicating live prowess. It’s hard to be that entertaining when you’re playing the early afternoon slot on the third day of a festival.

Today you can check out their video for “Cruisin’ FDR,” a straightforward sunny-day song about chilling out with your buddies. The video is goofy, thematically exactly what you would expect from the title, and aesthetically like the opening theme song to a 90s television show like Boy Meets World..if Cory and Shawn were on acid.

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