Dave Navarro Planning Two Solo Albums

Jane’s Addiction and ex-Red Hot Chilli Peppers guitarist Dave Navarro has proved that, while he’s aging to look more and more like Scar from the Lion King, he’s still got some ideas left in his brain and his fingers, having revealed that he is working on two new solo albums.

As reported by Grunge Report, a fan calling in to online radio station Dark Matter poked Navarro enough to leak a few details about upcoming solo efforts. The guitarist responded; “I actually have two records that I plan on making simultaneously, completely different. They’re just two different musical styles. But I don’t have any like release date or any information like that.” Basically, Dave has written this article for me.

In all seriousness, the as of yet unnamed albums will mark the guitarist’s second and third official efforts, following 2001′s Trust No One and the hard-to-come-by EP, Rhimorse, both relatively unsung works. Navarro mentioned that his focus currently lies on a documentary he’s producing with Todd Newman, focusing on the murder of his mother, as well as some screen-based projects for Jane’s Addiction.


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