Listen: Pig Destroyer – The Diplomat

Is there a better way to celebrate your Wednesday than a little grindcore? We didn’t think so.

Off of the Virginian outfit’s forthcoming record, Book Burner, Pig Destroyer have provided a stream of their second single, “The Diplomat.” With relentless double bass, low-register growls and overall brutality, Pig Destroyer are delivering their typical rage as expected. In an interview with Pitchfork, bandleader Scott Hull explained the track:

“(The song’s) about the origins of human conflict and how if you look back through history, we’ve never really gotten along. You’re always wrapped up in the time that you’re living in, and right now there’s war and suffering and despair and economies collapsing, but if you look back in history, that’s the way its always been. I’m not saying we should just accept that, but I it makes me wonder if there’s anything special about the time we’re living in now.”

Check out the track over at Pitchfork, and make sure to check out Book Burner when it hits shelves October 22nd via Relapse.

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