Rick Wakeman, Genesis and Rush Honoured at the First Prog Awards

As one of the most unique, artistic and technically mind-boggling genres out there, it’s probably about time that Progressive music got its due, and its artists a little well-deserved ego stroking. We have Prog Magazine to thank then, for the first Progressive Music Awards, which were held to an impressive turn-out in London yesterday.

Despite having its roots firmly in the waves of 60s and 70s psychedelic rock, the event saw early pioneers joining the likes of 2011′s TesseracT, who were understandably thrilled to be part of a series of winners that included Rush, Genesis and Pink Floyd. Bass player Amos Williams told the BBC that being acknowledged in such a way was “quite surreal”, elaborating that ”We’re just this tiny little band from England who’ve travelled far, but were still at the beginning of what we hope is a long career”.

Ex member of Yes and keyboardist extraordinaire Rick Wakeman was the big winner, taking to the stage to receive his crown of ‘Prog God’:

“It’s all about freedom of expression, which in my case is often in seven different time signatures! I am genuinely very, very proud to get this award.”

I’d normally be tempted to call arrogance in such a comment, but my feeble pianist fingers are too busy exploding at the thought of seven time signatures.

Steven Wilson of Porcupine Tree was present to pick up the Guiding Light Award, a title that honours those who work to push the boundaries. The 44 year-old was keen to see Progressive music in the lime light, citing bands like Radiohead and Muse as helping to bring the genre in to the modern mainstream.

For now, however, all I know is that the list of winners gives me a couple of new bands to check out and a few albums to download legally purchase with my hard-earned cash.

The awards were as follows:

New Blood: TesseracT

Live Event: Anathema

Grand Design: Pink Flow’ds Immersion reissues

Anthem: Squackett – A Life Within A Day

Album of the Year: Rush – Clockwork Angels

Visionary: Peter Hammill

Lifetime Achievement: Genesis

Virtuoso: Carl Palmer

Guiding Light: Steven Wilson

Prog God: Rick Wakeman

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