Slipknot’s Plans to Include the Late Paul Grey in Next Record

Unless you are someone’s mother from 1999, you’re probably no longer freaked out by Slipknot‘s silly masks. If you’re a fan, you may know that the lads are actually rather sensitive individuals – particularly when it comes to the death of writer and bassist Paul Grey.

And now, after a busy touring schedule of the Mayhem, Heavy T.O. and Heavy MTL Festivals (and creating their own live event – Knotfest), the Iowan eight-piece have taken some time off to concentrate on new material, with percussionist  Shawn ‘Clown’ Crahan commenting on how Grey’s work will live on in future releases:

“There are songs that he’s written that will be a part of the next record. We’re all going to have to think like him, and he’ll be there. He’ll be there; there’s no way of Paul Gray not being a part of anything that we do for the rest of our career.”

Talking to Loudwire earlier this year, Crahan revealed the stress of continuing without a bandmate and personal friend, stating that “even though it’s been over two years, you’ve got to be able to go into the studio calm, cool and collected, because I’m not ready to walk into a studio and not see him.”

Keeping Grey’s spirit alive, his bass was present on stage for Slipknot’s last touring cycle, and replacement bassist / original member Donnie Steele remained offstage and out of the limelight for much of the shows. Crahan’s comments can be seen in full below, on the Artisan News YouTube page:

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