TesseracT Announce New Vocalist & Album Trailer

It’s hard work being the vocalist of a progressive metal band. Unless you have a ridiculous range, pull your weight as a guitarist or kick some serious ass on the synth, you’re probably not going to receive the frontman kudos that comes so easily to your heavier brethren – from Corey Taylor to Ozzy and Dio.

Such is the case with TesseracT, who have employed two singers in as many releases – and have introduced a third for their upcoming album. Northampton-born Ashe O’Hara will be following Elliot Coleman and Daniel Tompkins, who appeared on this year’s ‘Perspective’ E.P. and 2011 debut album One, respectively.

Commenting on his upcoming work with the band, which can be previewed below in a clip of ‘Nocturne’, O’Hara stated “I have always been an admirer of their work so it’s pretty awesome to be passed such a challenging flame.” Speaking on ‘Nocturne’, TesseracT claim the song as “one of the most uplifting and exciting pieces of music we have created. It faithfully continues down the same vein of groovy and euphoric progressive soundscapes that we’re known for.” If the words ‘groovy’ and ‘euphoric’ don’t do it for you, you’re either too damn grumpy or have been brainwashed by the Man, man.

Either way, the band is clearly doing something right, having received a pat on the back from their peers at this year’s Prog Awards, and with a short European tour underway this October, things certainly seem to be heating up for this, most interesting up-and-coming act.

Watch this space. This proggy, ambient, groovy space.

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