Watch: The Black Keys Premiere A Performance Video For “Little Black Submarines”

The Black Keys will always be associated with their hometown of Akron, Ohio (or maybe Akron will always be associated with The Black Keys) but today they pay homage to Nashville (their new home) by premiering the music video for “Little Black Submarines” in one of Music City’s classic dive bars, Springwater Supper Club. While the last few Keys videos have been off-the-wall and overly cinematic (i.e. baby costumes in the video for “Gold on the Ceiling”), this Danny Clinch-directed performance video highlights the simple beauty of a live rock show in a tiny venue, the perfect visual complement for a song derivative of big 70s,whammy bar riff rock. Ironically, this was not the original plan; Auerbach stated, “There was a storyline but it didn’t work.” I, for one, am glad that the concept fell apart; you’re not going to see The Black Keys playing live in a small venue anytime soon.

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