CBS purchases rights to sitcom called “Smells Like Teen Spirit”

This morning when I awoke, I was greeted with a decision; I could either write about this, or the fact that Justin Bieber is being sued by a man who claims Bieber stole his credit card in order to pay of penis enlargement surgeryAnd I chose to write about this. That is how bad I feel this situation is.

Anyway, in their infinite wisdom, CBS has just greenlit a sitcom called “Smell’s like Teen Spirit”, created by The Big Bang Theory writer Dave Goetsch. I’m sure before we even hear the synopsis we can all agree that Cobain’s spirit and beliefs truly live on in and are represented by a twenty-minute sitcom written by a successful Hollywood-type. It get’s better! The official synopsis is that the show is about a man who “forgoes Harvard and instead opts to launch a multibillion-dollar Internet company from his garage with the assistance of his sister, best friend and his 1990s indie-rock parents”. His 1990 indie-rock inspired parents? So, they’ll listen to like, Neutral Milk Hotel? Because Smells Like Teen Spirit may have carried an indie spirit, but it also sold like hotcakes and was pretty damned mainstream. I mean, the album turned 21 last month and is still celebrated today due to its success and influence.

At the very least we can rest easy that one of the creator’s of The Big Bang Theory is on board, and when I say “rest easy” I of course mean “suffer terrible nightmares and uncontrollable spasms”.

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