Download: of Montreal – Feminine Effects

As previously announced, of Montreal are set to release a rarities compilation consisting of 17 unreleased tracks. The effort, titled Daughter of Cloud, is expected to drop October 23rd via Polyvinyl Records. Today, they are offering a free download of one of the tracks.

“Feminine Effects” is a major deviation from the rest of the record and features Rebecca Cash, a vocalist discovered by Kevin Barnes. The song’s country vibe is placed in the middle of the release, serving as a break from the sexed-up-psych-pop of Montreal is so accustomed to delivering.

In an interview with Rolling Stone, Barnes explained the track.

“I wrote the song many years ago, and for a long time I was searching for the right girl to sing the lead vocals. I tried a bunch of different people before I discovered Rebecca Cash. She helped me realize the old school honky tonk vibe I was envisioning.”

Check out the song below as well as the tracklist for Daughter of Cloud.

Download: of Montreal – Feminine Effects

Daughter of Cloud Tracklist:
01. Our Love Is Senile
02. Obviousatonicnuncio
03. Sails, Hermaphroditic
04. Steppin’ Out
05. Hindlopp Stat
06. Partizan Terminus
07. Georgie’s Lament
08. Jan Doesn’t Like It
09. Feminine Effects
10. Tender Fax
11. Psychotic Feeling
12. Alter Eagle
13. Kristiansand
14. Micro University
15. Subtext Read, Nothing New
16. Noir Blues to Tinnitus
17. Expecting to Fly (Buffalo Springfield cover)

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