For Sale: Nirvana’s Bass and Dylan’s Yearbook

Are you a fan of Nirvana or Bob Dylan? If so, you may need to have a talk with your savings account. London-based auction company Christie’s is set to auction a bass guitar smashed by Nirvana’s Krist Novoselic as well as Bob Dylan’s 1958 high school yearbook.

According to the company’s estimates, the bass should run about £15,000-25,000, whereas Dylan’s yearbook will get around £6,000. Also included in the yearbook is a brief message from the troubadour himself:

Dear Jerry, Well the year’s almost all over now huh. Remember the ‘sessions’ down at Collier. Keep practicing the guitar and maybe someday you’ll be great! A friend, Bob Zimmerman.

The auction takes place in London on November 29th, so make sure to plan accordingly for your Dylan and/or Nirvana-inspired pilgrimage!

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