Listen: Rolling Stones – Doom and Gloom

I knew I wasn’t insane. My suspicions were well-founded. The Rolling Stones were recording new music. Yes, that twitch in my eye is normal.

Named ‘Doom and Gloom’ (don’t worry, it doesn’t take after its name), the new track is one of two new songs to feature on the forthcoming GRRR! compilation, and is the first original composition by the band in seven years.

In true ‘Jumpin’ Jack Flash’ form, Jagger delivers adamant vocals of shooting zombies in swamps and the ever-persistant ‘funky noise’ that permeates the song. Not that this really compares to earlier Stones, who took their classic rock jamming with a good handful of innovation, but then again, it doesn’t really need to be. The fathers of classic rock and roll prove that after 50 years, they’re still up there with the best of them, and, more importantly, they haven’t quite yet gone senile.

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About Josh Gripton

Josh is an English student currently studying English Literature with Creative Writing at University in the UK. When he's not wasting time acquiring the grappling beam in Super Metroid, you'll find him being far more productive - listening to Black Sabbath and reading comics. He hopes his work at The Silver Tongue will help him get his writing out to the public and professional world, heaven forbid.