Serj Tankian’s Kickstarter Campaign to Fund ‘Orca’ Symphony

Having taken full advantage of System of a Down‘s ongoing hiatus, frontman Serj Tankian has explored a number of styles in his five-year solo career. More and more often, we find the Armenian wizard delving in to experimental, jazz and orchestral styles. Put shortly, he went from this to this in five years.

And now, top hat in hand, Tankian is ready to release his first full-blown symphony. The project, Orca, has been floating around for a while, and having worked with Austrian orchestra Das Karussell in the past, performing symphonic versions of tracks from Elect the Dead, Tankian is keen to see the group return for the studio and live performances of Orca.

Calling the project his most personal, compelling work yet, Tankian has launched a Kickstarter campaign to help see it funded with assistance from fans. The singer has issued a $25,000 target, which, if reached by October 26th, will go towards the costs of hiring and recording with the orchestra.

While its uncommon to see established musicians using such a medium, Serj is making it worth your while, with a number of rewards being given depending on the size of your donation. Want a personal thank you email? Only a buck. Want dinner, credits on the album, signed copies of all Serj’s solo work and a place on stage during the symphony’s first performance? You better be ready to hand over $10,000.

On a completely unrelated note, I am currently $10,000 in debt, and will soon be starting a Kickstarter project to help pay my rent. Watch this space.

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