Stream: Ancient Slang – Satan Is Waitin’

Ancient slang 4Welcome to The Silver Tongue’s Download Den.   

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All Hallows’ Eve seems like the perfect time to introduce TST readers to a hometown band I’m pretty damn excited about these days. If you’re one to have a fetish for lo-fi rock and roll that roars out of the speakers fast, heavy, dirty and dark, I’d say Ancient Slang is a band worth checking out.

There’s possibly no better night in the calendar year to crank up a two-track dose of gritty mayhem titled Satan Is Waitin’ than on Halloween night. Packing pistols loaded with crunching rhythm and distortion, Ancient Slang makes some gloriously hellish, lo-fi noise on “Mars, Venus, Ripper” and “New Blood.” Both songs shock and awe in under three minutes, and both were “mixed in the red for maximum grit and dirt” by drummer Brandon Beaver, formerly of up-and-coming, Indianapolis noise-punk band and  SXSW 2011 veterans, We Are Hex. Both songs were recorded on 1/4″ tape boombox and tracked live to 8 tracks with vocals overdubbed through a tube amp. If doesn’t get you pysched for some killer noise rock, I can’t say what will.

Ancient Slang 2

Listen to Satan Is Waitin’ on Ancient Slang’s Bandcamp. For God’s sake, play it loud!

Satan Is Waitin’ was released on August 25, 2012.



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