The Underground: EvolXYZ – Illuminatic Fashion

Welcome to The Underground (or Notes from the Underground if you’re a Dostoyevsky nerd), a weekly segment in which I examine the very best in unsigned, undiscovered and underground music. It’s my goal to highlight and hopefully promote talented artists who have yet to receive the attention they deserve. If you know of (or are!) a band/artist you think should be featured on The Underground, please give them a shout out in the comments below, or alternatively you can tweet me their info @AnOrangeFellow.

Every now and then it’s really therapeutic to listen to an underground Hip hop album. It’s a genre that I find draws a lot of honesty, in fact – and please forgive the hipsterdom – perhaps moreso than mainstream Hip hop in general. Tough when one considers the people interested in becoming an artist for the scene, this might be by design. The utility on a lot of these albums is great – often the beat Producer and the rapper aren’t in any contact whatsoever. Such is the case with Illuminatic Fashion, and by any means, EvolXYZ has a heck of a lot of heart and a clear understanding of adapting himself to other’s music.

Illuminatic Fashion is quick to tote the name’s of its producers – and for good reason. There’s a clear difference in sound between Rapitfly and Notebook. The beats are all competent and move at a steady pace, and the disconnect between tracks never feels jarring. Noticeably, songs trail off rather than end (this becomes especially obvious as none of the songs lead into one another) and I imagine there must have been some tinkering with the pacing on the album to make it all work. All that said, EvolXYZ does a great job tying the music together into something whole.

EvolXYZ has a steady and pretty sweet flow. On songs like the opening track, “Hey (Produced by Tellingbeatzz) it comes across as incredibly natural, and sounds more like a well executed freestyle than anything else. On songs like “That’s for You (Produced by Rapitfly)”, though, it’s a little easier to see the strings. Still, EvolXYZ has clearly laboured over making the track sound as authentic as possible. Really though, price of admission is worth it for tracks like “Capsuled Dreams”, that clearly stand out as a beacon of honesty and sincerity on the album. Illuminatic Fashion is short, sweet and worth checking out.

Listen to and purchase Illuminatic Fashion here.

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