Watch: Dispatch Stream Full Radio City Music Hall Concert

On August 21st Dispatch cemented their comeback when they released Circles Around The Sun, their first full-length record in 12 years. The album quickly climbed to #24 on the Billboard chart, marking their highest commercial water mark and beginning a new chapter in the story of a band often called the original “indie” group. On Friday Oct. 5th,  the band played a mammoth 135 minute set at New York’s Radio City Music Hall. It is available below in its entirety for streaming purposes, in HD quality of course.

The band kicks off with a rousing rendition of “Circles Around The Sun” before delving deep into their catalog to play a set that resembles a greatest hits compilation. Check it out and make sure to read our interview with Pete Francis of Dispatch.


Set List

01. Circles Around the Sun

02. Passerby

03. Open Up

04. Time Served

05. Sign Of The Times

06. Bang Bang

07. Two Coins

08. Lightning

09. Flag (feat. Parkington Sisters)

10. Outloud

11. Beto

12. Flying Horses (feat. Parkington Sisters)

13. Carry You (feat. Parkington Sisters)

14. Josaphine (feat. Good Old War)

15. Here We Go (feat. Craig D.)

16. Bats In The Belfry > Drum solo

17. The General > 99 Red Ballons

18. Get Ready Boy

19. Prince of Spades

20. Elias > Cut It Ya Match It

21. Mission

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