Om bring the meditative doom to Nashville November 27th

Commonly found in Buddhism, the om is a powerful utterance in the Sanskrit om mani padme hum. While there is no one meaning to the phrase, the om itself can be traced back to all Dharmic religions. The single syllable word preludes a number of heavily regarded mantras and phrases. It eases participants into a reflective ease and prepares them for the cleansing act of meditation.

In a similar vein, doom metal outfit Om can be compared to its historical predecessor. Both find their roots in Eastern influence, are highly regarded by those familiar and – most importantly – bring us out of ourselves. With the duo’s recently-released Advaitic Songs, Om blends the drone of stoner rock with heavy Arabic leanings. However, a single listen does not justify the impact of the five-track effort. Akin to meditation, Om must be experienced with all other elements absent to fully understand the group’s intent.

So swing by Mercy Lounge this Tuesday, November 27th, and catch Om perform their experimental doom for one night only. Tickets can be purchased here.


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