7inch Sunday: Aqua Nebula Oscillator – Om Na Mio

7inch Sunday is a segment devoted entirely to 7” vinyl and the all-encompassing experience surrounding it. Although most publications cover major releases, the vinyl single is often overlooked and given nothing more than a half-hearted nod of acknowledgement. This weekly feature is a hub for 7” reviews, exploring the B-sides and rarities of artists that may often go unnoticed.

Each Sunday I will review 7” vinyl from artists who venture this extra mile to hold their singles high above the sea of digital releases. I hope to embody the spirit of vinyl while sharing some fantastic music with you, the reader. Let’s get started.

Who Can You Trust? Records – or WCYT? – always manages to bring us quality European up-and-comers devoted to old-fashioned rock ‘n’ roll. One of the first 7inch Sunday segments featured Hot Lunch, and we recently checked out Lecherous Gaze. Today, we have another release from WCYT? that has us nodding our heads both rhythmically and in approval. Disregarding their mouthful of a name, Aqua Nebula Oscillator are a psych-rock group whose fuzzed-out instrumentals create a straightforward mission: rock the hell out.

Wasting no space on the newest single, Aqua Nebula Oscillator have packed two six-minute tracks onto their newly-released vinyl. “Om Na Mio,” recorded in 2004, and “Freak Out,” in 2009, turn the record into a cross-section of the group’s ever-evolving sound. Although both are easily contrasted, they both showcase vintage ANO and the psychedelic drone that has brought them to where they are today.

The single’s artwork captures the group’s darker side with an inverted image of what appears to be a skull atop a table. Similarly, the band’s name is further distorted with the use of symbols and mirrored letters to spell out their pseudo-scientific moniker. Albeit convoluted, the cover successfully captures the vibes found within the tracks themselves.

“Om Na Mio,” the A-side of the single, trudges along to an eastern-influenced doom jam. Featuring deeply-embedded vocals and spastic electric organ, all other instruments remain in the background to prevent overcomplicating the already densely-layered septet. Once the organ backs down and sinks into the hectic soundscape, it is the bass that takes the reigns and directs the song through the final minutes.

The B-side of the single, “Freak Out,” is less rushed than its predecessor and pays homage to a previously absent classic rock vibe. Like a lo-fi companion to doom outfits Om and Sun O))), the piece lulls you into a trancelike state with its heavy fuzz and cohesive themes; however, ANO’s style doesn’t permit any room for silence. By the end of the track all instruments have transitioned from rhythmic agreement to a screeching cacophony that only ends when the needle meets the run-off groove.

Check back next week for a look at Field Mouse’s How Do You Know.

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