New Phoenix Album Coming in April


In case you have yet to hear, Phoenix have finally opened up (if ever so slightly) with news of their wildly awaited follow-up to the 2009 smash, Wolfgang Amadeus Phoenix. On Thursday, Rolling Stone reported that Daniel Glass (the head of Phoenix’s label, Glassnote Records) took to a Spotify event to announce that Phoenix’s new record is finished and will be released in April of 2013.

The French indie rockers had already won over a modest legion of fans on the strength of charming songs with winning hooks over the course of three albums and a decade going into Wolfgang‘s release in the spring of ’09. However, once the summer festival season rolled around and the album was earning universal acclaim from nearly every publication, the foursome took the entire music world by storm for the duration of that year and well into 2010. All of the album’s ten songs were not only instantly addictive, but they continued to be more rewarding on deeper listens. “Lisztomania” and “1901″ were in seemingly every commercial and were ubiquitously flooding the speakers in fashionable boutiques and bars, and Sofia Coppola took to adopting “Love Like a Sunset” as the beating heart for the score to her film Somewhere.

It’s safe to say Phoenix may have slipped from the minds of a more than a few casual fans who fortuitously discovered them during one of the myriad ad placements during that time, but tens of thousands of us have been living the composition of “Love Like a Sunset” in the years since: patiently waiting and soaking in the build-up to the magnificent climax of a new Phoenix album. There’s still no word on an official tracklist, first single, exact release date, or album cover, but at least now we have a nugget to be excited about. As the band posted on their @wearephoenix Twitter account today with the caption “soon…,” here’s Wolfgang himself reminding you to be patient.


ol’ Wolfgang via @wearephoenix


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