Watch: L.A. Salami – “Generation L(ost)” and Free Download of B-Side, “Deformation Days”

L.A. Salami

Back in May, two songs from a young London singer-songwriter named L.A. Salami fortuitously made their way into my inbox, and I was immediately enamored on first listen. I wrote of the impression Lookman Adekunle Salami’s effectual voice and impeccable style made on me, and I passed “Jianni’s From Australia (She’ll Get By)” and  “We’ll Solve It After” on to you to positive reception.

As I said then, L.A. is a soul-stirring British folk songwriter with a sound harkening to The Gaslight of the 60’s and influences of Dylan, Leonard Cohen, Joanna Newsom, Spielberg, Godard, Ginsberg, Bukowski and Shakespeare. Holding such influences dearly and writing poignant songs that resonate with equal parts emotion, intelligence, and wit has made me quite eager to hear much more from L.A. Salami.

Fortunately, L.A. got in touch with me last week and clued me in to his newest single “Generation L(ost).”

As impressed as I was by the voice I heard upon first playing “Jianni’s From Australia (She’ll Get By),” I was floored even more deliriously when I pressed Play on “Generation L(ost).” I can’t say what I was expecting other than another delicately shimmering folk gem, but I guarantee I wasn’t expecting a head-spinning blast of thrilling, lo-fi garage that’s on par with the giddy, sweaty pleasure I’ve enjoyed in the hundreds-plus spins I’ve given to The Strokes’ Is This It (still quite possibly my favorite album of the 21st Century, 11 years after its release).  The song is a whirlwind frenzy of guitar swagger, bouncy rhythm and L.A. ripping through simple, but impossibly brilliant, couplets like “I’m ageless, but I’m out of time / I’m thoughtless, but got a lot on my mind” and “I’m penniless, but I’ve sold my soul / I’m restless, but I have nowhere to go” before growling “Generation L!”

L.A. has crafted what could be a thrilling anthem for an age that could desperately use a blast of whip-smart and fun rock and roll adrenaline, and it’ll be a goddamned shame if the generation doesn’t rally around him in return. The manic delivery gives “Generation L(ost)” an unfussy, tossed-off energy, but the galvanizing chorus, sharp verses and crackling pace makes it even more potent after dozens of listens. In a time when everybody (especially mainstream radio and the under-25 demographic) seems to have written off the indelible power the perfect rock and roll song, a literate, British folkie clued in to the greats has unleashed just the sort of tune that gives you the sense of what it was like camped out by the radio in ‘65 begging to hear a song like “19th Nervous Breakdown” rip through the speakers. It’s the same sensation I got in 2001 every time I fired up “Last Night” and “New York City Cops,” and I’ve been enjoying that same wonderful feeling with every fresh listen to “Generation L(ost).”

Edward Housden’s video for “Generation L(ost)” delivers everything the song asks of it: uninhibited delirium, stylish, but not stylized, glee, and gritty energy suited for the dance-floor. Watch the clip below for the spot-on match of visual and aural mania.

L.A. Salami – “Generation L(ost)”

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L.A. told me to keep my eyes out for an EP featuring “Generation L(ost)” that will be a bit of a continuation of that sound, and it will be available in the near future. I’ll pass along more details as they come.

For now, you can enjoy the B-side to “Generation L(ost),” titled “Deformation Days,” that is right in line with L.A.’s prettier, more pensive folk tunes like “Jianni’s From Australia (She’ll Get By)” and “We’ll Solve It After.” “Deformation Days” is yet another intoxicating L.A. beauty that trades in the howling mania of “Generation L(ost)” for acoustic strumming and charming, poetic verses that swallow you whole into a lush world of Salami’s creation. It’s another stunning showcase of L.A.’s riches as a necessary songwriter. You can stream and download “Deformation Days” below.

L.A. Salami – “Deformation Days”

The fact that L.A. Salami is gifted enough to release “Generation L(ost)” as a single with it backed by the immaculate “Deformation Days” as the B-side makes him the very sort of artist worth doing everything in your power to seek him out and cherish his music. With any justice, many others will follow your lead.

Visit L.A. Salami on Bandcamp for more information and music.

L.A. Salami "Generation L(ost)"

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