Awesome: Brush up on your Musical History with the Periodic table of Jazz

File this one under “cool as”.

David Marriot has created this interactive website that allows to user to peruse what he is calling the “Periodic Table of Jazz”. Fashioned after the Table of Elements, each square on the table represents either an artist or a stage in that artist’s career. If you click a square, the site will link you to both a Youtube video that Marriot feels best represents the artist in question, and that artist’s Wikipedia page.

There are a whole lot of things to love about this table (besides the awesome concept); that “Periodic” still kind of fits seeing as each row in the table roughly corresponds with a period in Jazz history, the fact that Miles Davis is literally in his own element here, the great choice of songs and wonderful informative nature of the whole thing. If you’re unfamiliar with Jazz and having even the slightest passing curiosity, take some time to play around with this site and familiarize yourself with some of the great artists of the last century.

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