Get cozy this Valentine’s with “Midnight sun” Sigur Ros candles

Filling a room with candles while a Sigur Ros song is playing is all well romantic, sure. But what if you could go the extra mile and have branded Sigur Ros candles? I bet she’d be yours forever if she saw that kind of commitment.

Kings of Shoegaze Sigur Ros have recently started selling custom-made scented candles, which you can purchase right here through their online shop. For a modest $23.50 (spit take) you can impress your loved one with the “Varðeldur” candle, named after a track on their 2012 album Valtari. I could try to sell you on the mystic charms of the candle, but I’ll let the site do the talking for me;

“The smoky, slightly briny smell of a flotsam campfire on a distant black beach under a wan midnight sun. And, most recently, the smell of Sigur Rós’s studio, while they go about the quasi-mystical business of making the magic happen. Specially developed to the band’s olfactory specifications, this candle burns for 35 evocative hours of “instant Iceland”, or something like that.”

I do believe I’m about to swoon.

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