Watch: Death Grips – Unlock Your Doors

Call them aggressive, innovative, or scary, but don’t call Death Grips slouches when it comes to maintaining their enigmatic presence.

The hip-hop group, consisting of Stefan “MC Ride” Burnett, Andy “Flatlander” Morin, and math rock titan Zach Hill, released two albums in 2012 to massive acclaim. But if you heard about Death Grips last year, chances are it was due to the controversy surrounding the latter album, “No Love Deep Web.”

The album was supposed to be released on Epic Records, but when the label wanted to push the release date to 2013, Death Grips went ahead and leaked the album.

Oh yeah, and the album cover was a photo of Hill’s penis.

Needless to say, Death Grips are adept at getting media attention. This week, they baffled fans by posting a series of videos entitled “No Hands” on their YouTube channel. The mysterious videos were all a little over a minute long, and contained seemingly random footage.

Today, the group has released the sixth video in the series, a music video for “Unlock Your Doors” off “No Love Deep Web.” The “No Hands” concept, it turns out, refers to the video, which was shot live at the band’s performance at SXSW using head-mounted Google Glass technology.

Check the video out below. Between all the flashing lights, grainy filters, and shifty camera movements, you just might get a sense of what it’s like to be in Death Grips.

Explains a lot, doesn’t it?

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