Watch Phoenix’s Video for “Entertainment” and Download Dinosaur Jr.’s Cover

Phoenix in black and white

With Phoenix’s Bankrupt! due out in just over a month (4/23), Dinosaur Jr. have treated the world to an immaculate reincarnation of the album’s first single, “Entertainment.”

Phoenix’s tune is a single that capitalizes on a sound the band took to incredible heights to earn endless praises for Wolfgang Amadeus Phoenix, this time fashioning some decidedly Eastern flair into a winning formula. The video for “Entertainment,” which you can watch below, brings the Eastern inspiration to the surface with a Patrick Daughters-directed clip that uses the same actors to weave romance and action across multiple generations to intriguing and strange effect a la Cloud Atlas.

Phoenix – “Entertainment”

*Phoenix’s Bankrupt! will be out April 23 via Loyaute/Glassnote.
Dinosaur Jr.

Today, Dinosaur Jr.’s scruffy, revisionist take on “Entertainment” surfaced, and the end product is nothing short of marvelous. Leave it to J. Mascis and co. to take a Phoenix hit that promises to be everywhere throughout 2013 and turn it into a smoldering, guitar-heavy ballad that is totally unrecognizable from the original…and arguably better than the Phoenix tune fans have been sitting on their hands for well over three years waiting for.

You be the judge, and doesn’t have to be a right or wrong – both  versions of “Entertainment” are pretty magnificent.

Download: Dinosaur Jr. – “Entertainment” (Phoenix cover)

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