Cash in My Nintendo Loyalty Points for Switch Games


No exact release date for the new program has been announced, but My Nintendo mentions that the change will be coming in early March. Gold Points could be exchanged for software discounts, and Platinum could be exchanged for digital rewards, such as 3DS themes or wallpapers or, sometimes, small games like Flipnote Studio 3D. 1 Gold point is worth 1p in real money, and these are earned at 5% for eShop Switch, Wii U, 3DS purchases, as well as when redeeming digital codes for games online.

In Australia, you'll get 1 cent (yes 1 cent) for every 1 gold coin that you have in your account. In other words, if you earned some points today, those points will fall out of your balance if you don't use them by this time next year. The catch, however, is gold points are going to expire after 12 months, so use them or lose them.

My Nintendo is free to join and works similar to other rewards programs.

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Though the quality of the rewards available through My Nintendo isn't quite as good as what we could get through Club Nintendo, it's still been a fairly decent service. Then players will be able to redeem any coins they've earned on games and DLC for the Switch.

Kits are going to be extremely hard to come by when they're released, so definitely preorder Nintendo's first two Labo kits right now on Amazon to ensure you get them on day 1. But you do have to give it to Take-Two; putting out L.A. Noire after all this time with new features took some effort - so I'm a little more enthusiastic about how they'll handle the Switch.