The US government shuts down for the second time in 2018


Missing the midnight deadline technically triggered a shutdown, but it could be brief. Rand Paul repeatedly held up votes on the budget plan, which is married to a six-week government-wide spending measure. "Vote against this budget".

"I think we're on the way to getting an agreement and getting it very soon", said McConnell. "Now we have Republicans hand-in-hand with Democrats offering us trillion-dollar deficits". "I can't in all honesty look the other way". The measure appeared set to sail through the Senate in anticipation of the House sending it to President Donald Trump by day's end.

"The budget deal does not have everything Democrats want, it does not have everything the Republicans want, but it has a great deal of what the American people want", Schumer said in his speech on the House Floor.

An official with the White House's Office of Management and Budget told NPR that OMB is now preparing for a lapse in appropriations funding for the government.

On Tuesday, White House chief of staff John Kelly threw fuel on the dispute as he defended Trump's proposed solution.

The budget agreement is attached to a short-term funding deal that will keep the government open until March 23. This time it was a Republican's turn to throw a wrench in the works. "Republicans and Democrats must support our troops and support this Bill!"

Federal government operations vary by agency.

"I ran for office because I was critical of President Obama's trillion-dollar deficits", he told the chamber's leaders, who stood silently as he derailed their hopes for an early evening vote.

"I didn't come up here to be part of somebody's club".

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He says senators will likely pass the bill, adding, "They'll be exhausted and ornery, but it's their own fault". Senate leaders hope to approve the measure Thursday and send it to the House for approval. In that chamber, progressive Democrats and tea party Republicans opposed the measure, which contains roughly $400 billion in new spending for the Pentagon, domestic agencies, disaster relief and extending a host of health care provisions. "And government will keep taking your money irresponsibly and adding to a $20 trillion debt", he said. But the conservative House Freedom Caucus said it opposed the measure.

He said without McConnell granting him a vote on the bill, his options were limited.

Republican leaders said earlier Thursday that Paul wants a vote on an amendment critical of the overall agreement, but they can not give him the vote even if they wanted to do so because it requires consent from all senators.

But even that outcome is far from certain amid the chaos that's forced a second, at least momentary, government shutdown in the past three weeks. Protection for the Dreamers under former President Barack Obama's Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals program, or DACA, expires next month.

"I will make them listen to me", Paul said.

Senate leaders reached a two-year budget deak, but Sen. There's also $16 billion to renew a slew of expired tax breaks that Congress seems unable to kill.

He's advocated pulling US troops out of Afghanistan and once expressed his opposition in principle to the 1964 Civil Rights Act, though he later said he opposed its repeal. Jeff Flake, R-Ariz. "But the problem is the only time we discover bipartisanship is when we spend more money". "But if they have 170 and we can't put up 40 to support a bipartisan bill coming from the Senate, then we get blamed for a shutdown".

"It's hard. If we can get a good deal that funds disaster relief, funds domestic priorities, funds the opioid crisis it would be a difficult call", said Rep. Adam Smith, D-Wash.

Added conservative Democrat Henry Cuellar of Texas, "It's an easy 'yes'". "This still also increases budget caps, ends the sequester, and provides certainty for the next two years", she told reporters at her daily news conference. It would also lift the federal debt limit until March 2019 and includes nearly $90 billion in disaster relief in response to last year's hurricanes and wildfires.