Man Says AirPods 'Blew Up' On Him, Apple Investigating Claims


Apple is investigating a Florida man's claim that his AirPod earbud exploded. "And then I saw white smoke start billowing out", he said.

Colon said he was thankful for pulling out the AirPod as soon as he did, and is concerned it might happen to other AirPod owners.

Jason Colon rolled the blackened Apple AirPod in his hand, still in disbelief that the wireless headphone had apparently blown apart moments after he removed it from his right ear. He took off the earphone and left it atop a piece of gym equipment to seek help and once he returned, the earphone had exploded and was charred. Colon told the TV station that "It was already popped".

Speaking to local news station News Channel Eight, he added: 'It's the craziest thing I ever went through. "I didn't see it happen but it was already fried". "But I'm sure since it hangs down, it could've been [my] ear lobe". An Apple spokeswoman tells 8 On Your Side that the company is investigating and will reach out to Colon.

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Worth pointing out is that while the inherent incident is likely to raise serious questions about AirPod safety, it's only the first of such incidents to affect AirPods - and we now have no reason to believe there's a broader, software, hardware or technical-related issue afoot.

In 2016, South Korean manufacturer Samsung's flagship Galaxy Note 7 was hit by a spate of exploding batteries.

Unlike wired ear-pods that get power through the headphone jack, Apple's AirPods use a small rechargeable battery embedded into the earbud itself.

This isn't the first case of a popular product bursting into flames.