YouTube is making an example of controversial creator Logan Paul


In the aftermath of his controversial suicide forest video, the 22-year-old was cut from the YouTube Red original series Foursome, and his channels were pulled from the Google Preferred premium advertising program.

Since his return to YouTube, he has made a video in which he fired a taser at a dead rat, and joked on Twitter about eating detergent capsules.

YouTube announced on Friday that it would be temporarily suspending all advertisements from Paul's channel due to his content's continual problematic nature.

YouTube has suspended advertising on video blogger Logan Paul's channels owing to his "pattern of behaviour". While that loss of income would be huge (SocialBlade estimates Paul earns about $1.2 million a month in ad revenue alone), Paul does have other streams of income via clothing and merchandising. There has been suggestions that YouTube has been more lenient on Paul than perhaps he deserves, with some instead calling for a full and permanent ban for the YouTube Rewind-starring vlogger rather than simply a temporary restriction on ad revenue.

According to sources at YouTube, Logan's suicide forest video weeks ago triggered a stop order on several projects that had yet to be revealed.

Paul rose to video prominence on now-defunct video platform Vine, and has over 16 million subscribers on YouTube.

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The changes are significant not just because they could really hit creators where it hurts, but because they also point to a real shift for the platform. Paul exclaims in the video before electrifying the lifeless animal.

YouTube's CEO recently promised to enforce the website's policies in a more effective manner with the help of 10,000 curators and advanced video detection technology.

"We may remove a channel's eligibility to be recommended on YouTube, such as appearing on our home page, trending tab or watch next", TechCrunch quoted vice president, product management, YouTube, Ariel Bardin, from a blog post.

"Back around the New Year when all the Logan Paul sh- was going down, as a human being I was obviously frustrated and p--ed off and offended by his actions", Neistat said at the beginning of the video.

In a way, some could see it as competing YouTubers championing to have someone's livelihood taken away in order to prevent them from competing at their highest level for views. YouTube has temporarily suspended all ads from Paul's channels after what it calls a pattern of behavior unsuitable for advertisers.