NY bomber, Ahmad Rahimi, sentenced to life in prison


Rahimi's total sentence is life, followed by another mandatory term of 30 years, followed by a second term of life.

Judge Berman said Tuesday that Rahimi's defense provided "not an ounce of justification".

In his 15-minute address to the court, Rahimi not once apologized for the bombing.

He was convicted of charges including the use and attempted use of a weapon of mass destruction, bombing a public place, destroying property by means of fire or explosives, and using a destructive device in furtherance of a crime of violence - namely, the use and attempted use of weapons of mass destruction.

Before lowering the boom Tuesday, Manhattan federal Judge Richard Berman said "it now appears, if you put two and two together", that Rahimi was spreading his hate during Friday afternoon prayer sessions that Berman let him attend during the trial.

U.S. District Judge Richard M. Berman in Manhattan said it was hard to reconcile the "reasonable enough" man he saw in court with the terrorist who tried to kill as many people as he could when he left his home early the morning of September 17, 2016, with two pressure-cooker explosives and a bag full of smaller bombs.

"(Another inmate) asked me how are we going to watch the news and I told him I don't need to watch the news because I am the news", Rahimi allegedly told a family member in a jailhouse phone call, while he was on trial.

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While imprisoned, Rahimi has completed classes in business, entrepreneurship and drama, Donaldson wrote.

"The U.S. has this program called 'see something, say something, '" Rahimi said. The other bomb, four blocks north, was discovered and rendered safe before it could explode.

"My father failed like the system failed him", Rahimi said.

Prosecutors said Rahimi began distributing these materials in October 2017, if not earlier. He placed several other explosives nearby in New Jersey, but one failed to detonate and the other was a small pipe bomb that caused no injuries, the Justice Department announced.

"Rahimi's conviction and sentencing are victories for New York City and our nation in the fight against terror".

Since his arrest, two other lone-wolf attackers have carried out bombings in NY. Rahimi and two police officers were wounded in the shootout.