The Walking Dead: Is Rick set to become the villain?


Still, it was business as usual on both ends again, leading to the increasing feeling that we won't end up seeing a friendly Negan helping out with the plants. Once his sole motivation in this otherwise stark existence, Rick is forced to deal with this reality. Also a gazebo's on fire, which seems to be a major concern for both her and Rick for some goddamn reason.

Then we have The Scavengers, wiped out by the Saviors after having contributed only a few useful moments. I used to come here to find things to paint on. These two are proper enemies, even if you remove Carl from the equation, they've killed too many of their friends to throw down peace. We all know that disregarding Negan isn't taken lightly, and I'm sure this will eventually bite him in the ass.

Michonne stands behind Rick as he kneels at Carl's grave, saying goodbye. Instead of spending time with his parents, the writers placed Carl in a dark, dirty sewer and had him setting out the cot like he was making up his bed before leaving for school. I was just trying to help someone. After a seemingly brief war in his heart about how closely to follow Carl's wishes for a peaceful resolution, he (no doubt spurred on by the slaughter of the Scavengers) switched quickly back to rage, essentially calling Negan at home and threatening him. Perhaps if Rick had just listened to Carl and let Siddiq come back to Alexandria in the first place, maybe he'd still be alive. After seeing more of them make it out of the building, Morgan makes his getaway when they start shooting at his hide-out. Not much was known about them at the time, other than they lived in a heap of garbage and talked like they had seen too many post-apocalypse movies and were like, "let's go for it, dudes, our time is now". Morgan and Carol meet up outside the gates of The Kingdom and make a plan to rescue Ezekiel. In response, we had an equally outraged head of the Saviors blaming Rick for his son's death and criticising his "shitty decisions".

What do you think the future holds for the story now that Carl is no longer around?

As Carl lays dying, he confesses to his killing of the young boy who was turning over his gun from season 3.

And once again, where exactly does Rick fall this week on the calm/crazy scale?

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Refusing to aid her Rick and Michonne leave forcing Jadis to use her wits resorting to grinding her walker companions into walker meat. With Rick and Michonne standing on the porch, the sound of a gunshot muffled by a silencer is heard. If this happens, it could mean more trouble for Rick. After he puffs out his chest and goes on and on about how he's coming to kill him, Negan calmly and coldly explains how Carl's death was Rick's fault.

While Rick (Andrew Lincoln) and Michonne (Danai Gurira) tried to cope with their grief and guilt in the aftermath of Carl's death, Negan's people set out to exact a punishment on Jadis (Pollyanna McIntosh) and her LARPing crew of dumpster divers. Negan cared about Carl, and even when he was outsmarted by him, it only caused him to respect him even more. Maybe you got out. It was about Siddiq. In fact, his excuses for doing that were very similar to the excuses he gave Carl about Siddiq.

And it's also no surprise that when Rick gets Negan on the walkie he tells him that despite Carl's pleading to end the violence and bring peace to the world, he's still going to find him and kill him.

This episode was bad on all fronts, the directing, writing, editing...all of it was crap. No one has ever ... done.

The dialogue for the Saviors is boring and overly dramatic.

The Walking Dead returns Sunday, March 11 at 9 p.m. The various timelines, montages of close-ups of faces (my least favourite), and now the labelling of each of The Lost and the Plunderers with the name of the character in question.