Amazon admits 'Alexa' may creepily laugh at you from time to time


In a statement to Scripps National, an Amazon spokesperson confirmed that the company is changing how to make Alexa laugh.

"Alexa but please don't try to kill me in my sleep", another user said in a post on Twitter, after her Echo device began laughing unprompted.

On Reddit, in a thread about creepy Echo stories, one user shared, "I was trying to turn off some lights and they kept turning back on".

Well, it seems we didn't know Alexa as well as we thought we did because Alexas all across the country have started displaying some very unsettling behavior.

In this another step towards our imminent demise?

The latest tech device that's got Twitter talking is Amazon's trusty companion and intelligent personal assistant, Alexa.

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But recent reports from owners of Amazon Alexa devices are being called 'bone chillingly creepy'.

Amazon had no comment on what, exactly, the problem is, or when it might be fixed.

In the meantime, Alexa users will just have to deal with Alexa's random fits of laughter. "The laugh wasn't in the Alexa voice".

Buzzfeed states that Amazon has not responded to questions about the error. It sounded like a real person.

And this is why I'll never become so lazy that I can't get up to flip a switch myself.

In February, a man reported that his Echo Dot device mistakenly ordered cat food after hearing an ad featuring a voice saying, "Alexa, re-order Purina cat food", reported The Sun.