Taylor Swift's friends gush about new "Delicate" video


Some fans even think that Joe is the person to have slipped the note to Taylor at the beginning of the video.

The 28-year-old singer's latest track is a love story about how she falls for someone (a.k.a. Joe Alwyn) and their relationship is a bit complicated due to the level of fame that she has. She also appeared to give insight into Swift's 2017, when she remained largely out of the spotlight before dropping her album, Reputation. So it makes sense that the video would follow suit and quietly shed some light.

T-Swift's video, which shows off her silly personality and fun dance moves, was one of the best moments of the night.

In what has also become true Taylor Swift fashion, though, she's already facing some backlash, and accusations that the video is treading too far into Spike Jonze's territory.

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But the most striking visual - the flawless pairing to reputation's biggest themes - may be her carefree rain dancing.

The video starts off with Swift becoming bombarded by paparazzi and looking a bit dazed on the red carpet, eventually she manages to break free from the scrutiny of the public eye and becomes "Invisible" to everyone around her.

Swift, who was unable to attend the show, sent an acceptance video in which she said, "Hey guys, I just wanted to say thank you so much for this award and to the fans for everything that you have done, and always do, and continue to do". But while Spears' vid ends in a darker way - with of course added significance taken on after the fact due to Spears' later personal struggles - Swift's escape suggests a different path forward. She can't go anywhere without bodyguards, fans are demanding selfies or just randomly screaming for her attention. Ready or not, here she comes.