Paul Ryan and the Exodus of Republicans From Congress


But the Republican who ended up being personally criticized wasn't the president, but exiting House Speaker Paul Ryan.

"Now that is interesting because nobody has talked to members (of the U.S. House) on how they are going to vote (on new leadership)", Amodei said.

With a midterm election looming and great uncertainty surrounding the balance of power in the House, there will be a great deal of analysis about the impact of Ryan leaving. And Ryan now appears to be backing McCarthy. "It's a very partisan environment and I think that problem has been exacerbated under President Trump".

Ryan's decision accelerates the ongoing competition among his deputies to become the leader of the GOP in the House. "I just can't let that happen".

In Wisconsin, the most likely Republican candidate for Ryan's seat is state Assembly Speaker Robin Vos, multiple Republicans in the state said. Other than the tax cut passed late previous year, Ryan's only real achievement, he was AWOL on the Kemp agenda.

Hi legacy includes acquiesce to President Donald Trump's un-presidential conduct.

Ryan has not sent Trump clear message that any attempt by the president to quash the investigation of Special Counsel Robert Mueller is an attack on the rule of law.

"Instead of playing to your anxieties, we can appeal to your aspirations".

"No disrespect to Paul, but quite frankly, you want somebody who's got skin in the game after the elections", Rep. Mark Amodei, R-Nevada, told The Washington Post. "We don't resort to scaring you, we dare to inspire you". He reiterated his stock response, mourning that the Senate never approved his plans to cut Medicare, Medicaid, Social Security and food stamps, which is the policy translation of the bloodless phrase "entitlement reform". It's why we have Trump, and why Ryan was forced to acquiesce to a man whose statements he once condemned as racist and whose personal life is the antithesis of his own.

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Ryan did offer a warning that some conservatives have begun to embrace identity politics, once a province of the Left. So Paul Ryan had to defend his party on national television. Legislative leaders run out of energy long before they run out of opportunity. Ryan's retirement announcement turns a narrowly Republican district into a more credible Democratic target. There are 10 Ryan family households within eight blocks of my house.

I used to think that Ryan was smart, courageous and principled because he was willing to touch the "third rail" of American politics - entitlement reform.

On immigration, trade and fiscal policy, Ryan was at odds with the Trump.

In recent months, Ryan has generally been more frank about the tensions of his job in private.

In an interview with NBC's "Meet the Press", Ryan says McCarthy is "the right person". At points, they seemed to be commiserating about the difficulty of working in the current political environment. But they were even less enthusiastic about other Republican leaders - including Ryan, whose average rating was a very lukewarm 5.0. "The speaker thanked the chief of staff for being one of the sane guys in office". And I've gotten much of what I came here to do done.

"I have given this job everything I have", he said.

For his part, Ryan maintained Wednesday that his departure would have no impact on the 2018 landscape.

"When I look at that picture, Mr. Speaker, I have to say, I don't see anyone that looks like me in terms of color or gender", King told Ryan. "I really, actually didn't".