How to watch the blood moon and Mars opposition online


Andrew Batchelor, founder of Dundee Culture, said: "The longest lunar eclipse this century takes place on Friday".

Dr Brown said: "The UK will be treated to a rare total lunar eclipse, also known as the "blood moon".

During a total lunar eclipse, the Moon's disk can turn bright orange, blood red (hence the term "Blood Moon") or even very dark gray, depending upon the part of the Earth's shadow it is passing through. Its appearance near the blood moon after sunset will give viewers a double vision in red.

According to the Astronomical Society of Southern Africa (ASSA), most of Africa, Europe, the Middle East and eastern Asia will see this eclipse. It lasted for a good 3-4hrs before going into a full lunar eclipse, giving us a plethora of splendid pictures to mark the occasion.

The BM Birla Science Centre said the eclipse itself would start a little before midnight at about 11.15pm IST. In India, stargazers can watch it at its Penumbral phase (initial stage).

Stargazers around the world-with the exception of North America-will be able to catch at least a partial glimpse of the July 2018 lunar eclipse during the almost four hours it will be visible in the sky.

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Finally, contrary to solar eclipses, lunar eclipses can be viewed without any eye protection. The celestial show was the result of the Sun, Earth, and Moon lining up perfectly for a lunar eclipse just as the Moon is near its closest orbit point to Earth, making it appear "super" large.

But the rest of us will still be able to see our satellite take on the reddish colour that is reminiscent of Mars.

What is a total lunar eclipse? A lunar eclipse can occur only when the moon is full. "So during totality, those of us on Earth are watching the moon fall in to our shade". The partial eclipses that lead up to and follow the total eclipse will last an hour and 6 minutes each.

Artist'S concept of the Lunar Reconnaissance Orbiter.

The Royal Astronomical Society said: 'Sometimes the eclipsed moon is a deep red colour, nearly disappearing from view, and sometimes it can be quite bright.

A super blue blood moon rises behind the 2,500-year-old Parthenon temple on the Acropolis of Athens, Greece, on January 31, 2018.