Perseids likely to be the best meteor shower of the year


Here is our guide to the must-see meteor showers of 2018 - including the spectacular Perseids shower which was at its peak overnight - as well as where and how to see them.

"It peaks Monday but you still have a few more days to look in all directions", according to CBS 2 meteorologist Robb Ellis. The best place to enjoy this natural light show will be away from bright lights and outside of major cities, like Barrie.

Tiny pieces of debris that are around the size of sand grains hit the earth's atmosphere at around 132,000 miles per hour, causing a fantastical meteor shower each year. "Under a very dark sky, you might see up to one Perseid per minute late on Sunday night or after midnight on Monday morning". The days after the peak will also provide nice, dark skies as well!

The Perseids take their name from the constellation Perseus, the constellation from which they are thought to have originated.

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The most popular shower of the year is here, and we don't mean the familiar drizzle.

Meteor shower watching and meteor counting is typically a fun exercise for young kids as well as college students. But "Earthgrazer" meteors, which skim Earth's atmosphere and showcase long, blazing tails, are visible earlier when the radiant is low above the horizon. The bugs have calmed down, weather is flawless, you'll have a meteor shower to watch and the fire ban has been lifted at Algonquin Park. Wherever you are this weekend, keep in mind to look up.

Brar recommends heading north for the best view. NASA will be streaming a view from Huntsville, Ala. live on its MeteorWatch Facebook page.