Facebook's 'Portal' Video Chat Device to Be Announced Next Week


Alexa is a very popular home model, and Apple is seeking to expand on that. With Amazon taking an early lead in this space, it could open up a massive new revenue channel for the company going forward. The mechanism was reportedly developed as a direct response to the heavily diminished public trust in the social network's handling of personal data. Of course that is not all as there is also the Dash button feature as well so that the device can replenish resources when depleted, but of course from Amazon.

Possibly one of the more useful devices to be announced is the Amazon Smart Plug that uses a simple Wi-Fi setup that makes it easy to connect to devices such as lights and fans. There is also an upgraded 3-inch speaker with more solid and deeper bass as well as clearer mids and highs. The Echo Link is available on Amazon for $199.99 and for the Echo Link Amp, it will cost you around $299.99. The online retailer and technology company announced Thursday its Echo Auto, which brings Alexa and its voice controls to the vehicle. A couple things are simply new versions of devices, and others are brand new, top to bottom.

The new Echo Sub looks like a taller, wider version of the Echo and Echo Plus.

The event brought a bunch of new product announcements, and we got new Echo speakers, Echo Show, and even a microwave!

The Echo Input will sell $34.99, $15 less than the Echo Dot, but is not yet available.

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Amazon has also been looking to try its hand in the TV world. The TV is specifically created to work hand in hand with Amazon Prime Streaming but it will include several other features too.

This security camera can be used both indoor as well as outdoor and integrate it with the Ring alarm. A new feature called Alexa Hunches will analyze patterns and alert you when things change. Announced at a price of $25, the device isn't too expensive too.

Apple is trying to include more home appliances that Alexa can hook into. Microwave syncs with smart column Amazon Echo and, in addition to enabling on-demand user is also able to order the grain for popcorn when they run out, and she exposes the desired mode of operation. This looks like an unnecessary product but the e-commerce giant has chose to test the waters with it. The microwave can deliver 700 W of power, has a capacity of 0.7 ft³, and will set buyers back $60 when it ships on November 14. So you can ask Alexa to add a minute extra to the presets if that's how you want to cook.

The Amazon Basics microwave comes with Alexa controls and "dozens of quick-cook voice presets, so you can cook just by asking Alexa". Further, its driver has also been updated from 1.1 to 1.6. The fact that Echo Auto can be plugged into any vehicle without having to mark off a basic requirements checklist makes this more versatile in any case.