Lindsay Lohan: Actress criticised after accusing parents of trafficking their children


People were appalled after Lindsay Lohan followed a family around on Instagram Live and tried to get two children to leave their mother to come with her. Twitter users criticized her and accused her of attempted kidnapping, which has left the Mean Girls star reeling.

Lohan was reportedly in Moscow while filming the family, though recent geotags imply that she's in Paris, according to social media. Throughout the video, she speaks to them in a combination of English and Arabic and offers them a hotel room so that they won't have to sleep on the street.

"Come with me, I'll take care of you guys", she tells the family, and then turns her attention to one of the children. It is unclear where the video takes place. "Now I know who you are", she tells the family.

Lindsay is initially seen in the Instagram live video (which has now been removed), offering to take the two young boys to a hotel to watch movies.

"I'm, like, in shock right now", she says. "I won't leave until I take you". Do you want to watch movies? "I'll take you with me and we will see them tomorrow".

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Lindsay got off her auto and headed towards a family of four who were sitting on the sidewalk all huddled up. You're taking these children, they want to go. "I want you to tell America what you need and I will get it for you".

"Looks what's happening. They're trafficking children", Lohan claims in the video, which has been posted in full on YouTube. "I'm a good person but this really, this is not right".

Hunter Frederick is flying to Paris to "check in" on Lohan after the freaky video was posted on her Instagram Stories on Friday, a source told Us Weekly Sunday. And when they aren't interested in engaging with her or accepting her help, she quickly turns sour.

The family then decide to move away but they are followed by Lohan who accuses the parents of "child trafficking" and "ruining Arab culture". Either way, the video closes with Lindsay shedding a tear and saying she only wanted to save the boys.

While another continued: "Lindsay Lohan is disgusting". And in part because she's clearly not well, and should be the one getting help, not giving it.