Netflix planning more interactive TV with 'Black Mirror', movies


So it's only right that Black Mirror is going to be involved in Netflix's brand new idea, where the individual viewer will ultimately decide how the episode ends. Essentially, users will be able to choose what happens to their characters before they inescapably get trapped in some sort of dystopian world. You monster, you. Considering Brooker is such a fan of video games, the prospect of him writing an interactive piece of fiction is a tantalising one.

Given its sci-fi and anthological nature, Black Mirror pretty much the ideal test dummy, as each episode stands alone, with each utilizing a completely different setting, cast of characters, and overall style and structure.

There is no release date yet for Black Mirror's next season, but it's worth noting that the show's last two seasons aired in December, so we might similarly see season five in just a couple of months. After watching one version, kids can go back and watch the other. However, if you're not living in fear of those things, then Netflix's foray into interactive television will be considered yet another prospective bellwether multimedia offering that's set to blow your mind. The company will reportedly release the first of these projects later this year.

Netflix's Black Mirror may be the first non-children's show that gets the streaming company's nascent "choose your own adventure" interactivity.

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Multi-path content can certainly make shows more interesting, but they require a lot more production work than traditional series.

Interactive TV is slowly beginning to become feasible and more mainstream, as HBO released its own interactive show, Mosaic, that was directed by Steven Soderbergh and was later released as a standalone app.

We already know that Netflix would be bringing Minecraft: Story Mode to its service before the end of the year, in conjunction with the recently shuttered Telltale games, though this likely isn't one of the projects Bloomberg's sources are talking about.