China suggests Trump should ditch ‘tapped’ iPhones for Huawei


The New York Times cited US officials as saying China was seeking to use information from the president's calls to learn what Trump thinks, whom he listens to and how best to influence him.

Lastly, Hua recommended "they should stop using any modern communication equipment and cut off contact with the outside" if they want to ensure absolute security.

China was quick to dismiss the charges levied by the New York Times article. Carriers across the world use the technology to link their networks together, but unfortunately the SS7 protocol can also be exploited by spy agencies to tap phone calls, collect text messages, and track people's locations.

Despite the furor surrounding former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton's handling of her emails during her time in the Obama administration, Congress and conservatives more broadly seem to have little interest in President Donald Trump's demonstrated inability to follow basic cybersecurity measures to protect his and the government's sensitive information.

"Seeing this report, I feel there are those in America who are working all-out to win the Oscar for best screenplay", Hua said.

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The US President has reportedly been warned that his three personal iPhones are not secure, though he continues to use them to take calls with friends and confidants, reports the Times. CNN noted in April that after John Kelly became chief of staff, Trump made more calls through the White House switchboard, but by the time of the April report, the President had begun to make more calls through his cell.

Why it matters: Once again, Donald Trump is reportedly ignoring security protocols when it comes to using his mobile phones. "If there are concerns about Apple calls being listened-in on, then you can change to Huawei phones", Ms Hua said.

Chinese officials rely on Chinese businessmen and others with ties to Beijing to feed arguments and viewpoints to Trump's friends in an effort to influence him, the Times reported, citing the U.S. officials. The iPhone that features Twitter and the pre-loaded news apps has gone as long as five months without being checked for bugs.

First, unlike with the Clinton situation, we know the Chinese and Russian are hacking in - and using the information against the United States. I think this is going to be it for President Trump.

"The New York Times has a new Fake Story that now the Russians and Chinese (glad they finally added China) are listening to all of my calls on cellphones", Trump tweeted.