Kim Kardashian celebrates 38th birthday with Kanye West and family


KIM Kardashian has described the incident where she walked in on then-stepfather Bruce Jenner dressed in women's clothes, years before his transition to a woman. Two armed men dressed as police officers forced their way into her hotel and stole almost $10 million worth of jewelry.

Kim Kardashian appeared in The Simple Life once or twice as Paris' stylist/wardrobe assistant - however, things got a bit weird between the pair for years and they never spoke.

The mother-of-three explained, "For a good year, I nearly lost myself". "For a good year, I nearly lost myself, I was never depressed, but I wasn't motivated to get up and work like I used to".

Other Twitter users have pointed out that she was married to rapper Kanye West, who has been criticised by multiple LGBT+ celebrities and allies over his vocal support for President Donald Trump, with one commenter telling Kardashian: "Take him out with the".

She continued, "I thought, 'Oh, I'm worth so much.' So that changed in me". I don't think that was ever something she would have dreamed in a billion years. She does not communicate with the Kardashian sisters, but maintains relations with native daughters Kendall and Kylie Jenner. "For me, I think it's just about having an open mind".

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The media personality admitted that if in public she is always "hot" and sexy, then home is more conservative.

But Kim says Kris was "so in love" with Caitlyn, and claims the family - who hosted a special of their reality show in 2015 dedicated to Caitlyn where she explained her transition - just want her to "be happy and be herself". According to the police report, two men entered her room and held her at gunpoint and demanded her $4 million diamond engagement ring that Kanye West gave her.

She told Alec: "The show has proven we are a normal family".

Someone commented 'I'm going to need her to go back through her tweets to catch up on the lies she's told.

Since her robbery, Kardashian has beefed up her security. "You know? Like, I connected with her, so I really do have to connect", she said.