Woman fights driver, causing bus to fall in China river


A scuffle between a driver and a passenger caused their bus to plunge from a bridge into a river in southwest China, killing at least 13 people, police said Friday.

In the footage, the passenger appears to lash out at the driver, who in turn retaliates seconds before the bus crashed and plunged into the Yangtze River.

Moments later the bus veered across oncoming traffic and off the bridge and into the Yangtze River.

Four passengers, who got off earlier, confirmed that a medium-height woman had quarrelled with the driver because she missed her stop, local police said.

Police in China released dashcam footage of the fatal bus crash.

Thirteen bodies have been pulled out of the river, but two remain missing. When the bus driver did not grant her request, the woman hit the driver in the head with her cellphone.

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The video, recovered from the bus's black box, shows a female passenger arguing with the bus driver and smacking him in the head with her cell phone as they cross over a bridge in the city of Chongqing.

The driver then suddenly yanks the wheel hard to the left and the bus veers onto incoming traffic, striking a vehicle before breaking through the rails of the bridge crossing the Yangtze River, in the southwest city of Chongqing. "The driver's right hand came off the steering wheel during the altercation, which led to the steering wheel turning sharply to the left".

A police statement said a female passenger started quarrelling with the driver after she missed her stop.

The statement concluded that both the passenger and the driver had broken laws for seriously endangering public safety.

The bus had 15 people, including the driver, on board at the time of the accident, which took place on October 28.